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why mentorship works

someone else’s experience
is the best teacher

While we recommend listening to online experts, reading books, and Googling all the articles you want, in the end, the best teacher is experience.

Think about it: You could have all the knowledge in the world…but if you don’t know how to apply that knowledge, then it won’t translate into growing your business and your income.

Instead, the fastest results will come from having real conversations with real business founders who have built multimillion-dollar companies and know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.

that’s the power of mentorship

 It’s personalized to your exact situation, no matter what industry you’re in or what product or service you sell. Most Won’t I Will offers you the most accessible, affordable access to world-class mentors, coaches, and classes, so you know exactly what steps to take in your business right now.

”The value of being able to talk to a business expert and ask real questions has elevated my expertise in my business. I now have a safe place to grow as a business owner and celebrate successes that only business owners care about.”

Mashel Tarrance Rathmell, tribe member

wondering why
you’re struggling?

watch this video now

The MWIW Program was created to meet the demands of struggling startup entrepreneurs who wanted a shortcut to solve their business challenges. But with so many “gurus” out there selling their courses and workshops, it can be nearly impossible to find a reputable, authentic place to get real mentorship from multimillion-dollar founders who have already faced the challenges you’re facing.

Many of the successful mentors in our tribe don’t even have social media accounts. They’re not here to sell you anything…in fact, they’re all volunteers, here to answer your questions and guide you on your journey to business success.

Once you get personalized attention in your business, you’ll never go back to struggling by yourself and wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring out what another founder could easily show you how to do.

“Since joining Most Won’t I Will my business is up 47%. Thanks to this group I have changed my mindset and lifestyle. The wealth of information that is provided is priceless. Shawn Thomas provides a NO BS approach to mentorship.”

greg brunette, tribe member

Join Most Won’t I Will
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Join Most Won’t I Will
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Instant Access:

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who are the mentors?

Our curated community of mentors
are ready to answer your questions.

Our curated community of mentors are ready to answer your questions.

Shawn thomas


Mentor, Angel Investor, and Founder of Ask A Millionaire, Founder of The Goal Mindset, Founder of Mentorship tribe Most Won’t I WIll.


Sales, Leadership, Vision

peter kozodoy


An author, keynote speaker, Inc. 5000 serial entrepreneur and business consultant. Member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Economics from Brandeis University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Business and Marketing Strategy

tom black


Tom’s story…it is the classic “rags to riches” tale, a narrative that symbolizes the American Dream – one that brings truth to the cliché that what you can dream you can achieve.


Sales, Team Building, Business Funding

Peter Vekselman


Peter is a successful real estate investor residing in Atlanta GA. He has completed well over 3500 real estate deals in his 20+ year career. He is often asked to speak at real estate conferences on his unique Partner Driven Real Estate Model. This is where he partners with individuals from all kinds of walks of life and in all the 50 states and does real estate deals with them.


Residential, Wholesale, Flipping,

Investing, Finance and Coaching

Meredith Shirk


Meredith Shirk is a health and fitness expert, serial entrepreneur, traveler and small business consultant. Meredith has been an athlete all her life. Currently residing in Palm Beach, FL – Shirk is the Founder of Svelte Training, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, Meredith is a nationally registered EMT.


Health & Fitness

Paul David


The founder and CEO of Identified Talent Solutions. Identified Talent Solutions has been named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Orange County Business Journal and listed on the “Inc. 500” by Inc. Magazine as part of its annual list of “America’s Fastest
Growing Private Companies.”


Talent Acquisition, Team Building,

Company Culture, Entrepreneurial Mindset

Paul Ireton


 Known for having built a team of 1000 licensed agents in the financial services industry and currently runs 11 offices.


Network Marketing, Teambuilding, Sales

Gerry Morton


Energetic entrepreneurial leader dedicated to making people healthier and happier. He is an expert in the fields of peak performance, nutrition, and entrepreneurial leadership.


Nutrition, Peak Performance,
Strategic Planning.

Tony Drockton


The driving force behind Hammitt. The successful American brand inspired by the Southern California lifestyle and European model that prioritizes craftsmanship and lifelong quality.


Branding, Fashion, Raising Capital

Ryan Payne


Entrepreneur that specializes in developing creative solutions to scale your business to the next level of success. He is an expert in the fields of investing, financial planning & business development from the ground up.


Wealth Management Specialist

Joel Gandara


Joel is Expert in e-commerce, software, warehouse logistics, and acquisitions in the e-commerce space. He owns 21 different brands in the men’s apparel space.


E-commerce, Software, Warehouse Logistics, and Acquisitions in the E-commerce Space

Greg D’Amico


Greg D’Amico is the founder and CEO of Efficience, Inc., a software company that develops technology solutions for regional and national companies in retail, manufacturing, distribution, food service, high-tech, healthcare products, training, and higher education.


Mobile Apps, E-commerce and
Integration Development

Bryan Ansley


Serial entrepreneur and both he and his companies have been featured nationally by the likes of the Wall Street Journal. MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News as well as recognition from organizations such as the Inc 5000 as a fastest growing business for three years running, as well as by entities such as Globee for highest revenue per employee or One Planet’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Antifraud and Cybersecurity

Who Succeeds

In Our Program?

IMPORTANT: Only The Willing Succeed…

This tribe is NOT for everyone, because we’re not here to f*ck around.

To join this program, you must be ready and willing.

You must be ready to work hard and willing to share your struggles.

You must be ready to be humbled and willing to be vulnerable.

You must be ready to face fears and be willing to connect.

This tribe is NOT for everyone,
because we’re not here
to f*ck around.

To join this program, you must be
ready and willing.

You must be ready to work hard
and willing to
share your struggles.

You must be ready to be humbled and willing to be vulnerable.

You must be ready to face fears and be willing to connect.

Our Members All Face Similar Challenges

Hitting a plateau in revenue

and wondering what to do next to double or triple sales and personal income…

Running out of cash

and not sure whether to pivot,raise money, invest in marketingor something else…

growing way too quickly

and unsure of how to put systems,
processes and employees in
place to avoid burnout…

Feeling stuck & stressed out

with no clear way to permanently put out daily fires and get out of the weeds…

Looking to scale

 the business much more quickly by finding proven shortcuts by entrepreneurs who
have walked the same path…

Trying to hire & train talent

 in order to “delegate and elevate” and work on the business instead of in it…

Need to learn more about sales

marketing, operations, finance, distribution, logistics, human resources, business planning, banking, finding investors, or any of other skills every entrepeneur needs to master in order to succeed…

Going to endless networking events

to develop a network of trusted people who can refer business to you, help make valuable connections and provide the mentorship you need to get to the next level…

Trying to exit a business

and wondering about valuation, mergers, getting better control of financial statements or looking for buyers…

Are you ready and willing to
build your business?


Since 2015, I’ve accepted the challenge to create the world’s most effective mentor program. I’ve personally invested over $250,000, and tapped into all of my personal relationships, to assemble a group of world-class mentors, coaches, and classes that are ready to answer your questions and help you grow your business.

What makes this Tribe unique is the dedication of every single member in our community. We’re all here to support each other as we build our businesses and improve our lives. We lift each other up in times of need, and we open our vast networks so we can take shortcuts to our goals.

If you’re ready to get serious about growing your business, I hope you join us at the world’s #1 mentorship program so we can help you achieve your goals starting NOW.

-Shawn Thomas

Founder, Ask A Millionaire

Running a business
is one of the hardest
things you will ever do

Why make it harder?

Stop trying to do everything on your own.
Accept that you don’t have all the answers.
Start investing in yourself and your business.
Stop trying to do
everything on your own.
Accept that you don’t
have all the answers.
Start investing in yourself
and your business.
Join Us Today And Get The Support
You Need In Your Business.
Join Us Today And Get
The Support You Need
In Your Business.

your questions answered

The Tribe isn’t a do-it-yourself “course.” This is REAL, unlimited mentorship, where your questions get answered by experts every day. The more questions you ask, the more we get to know you and get you the knowledge you need.

network with your peers

Imagine surrounding yourself with hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all here to learn, grow and support each other. With 24/7 online access and live events, you’ll feel like you finally found your chosen family. #powerofthetribe

Individual coaching

There will be times that you want more one-on-one help with making a decision or overcoming a challenge. Many of our mentors offer one-on-one coaching for those times, and Tribe members always get a special Tribe rate.

”This group saves lives and helps us keep our sanity when the crap hits the fan. Yesterday, I had a face-to-face with reality and all of my poor decisions over the past few weeks and months. I didn’t blame anyone of course. My choices landed me here. This group of people you have brought together have been so inspirational and really helped me through a tough emotional time. I just wanted to say I appreciate you for following your heart. This world is a better place because of you.”

kyle jones, tribe member

”As a member of the tribe I have access
to not only Shawn, but all the other
members and mentors as well, along
with valuable resources. There is no
other group where you have the level of
access, learning and support that the
MWIW tribe offers.”

Michelle mitchell adams,
tribe member

“The PRICELESS Positive Mindset,
the sharing of EXPERT knowledge and
encouragement, and a VAST treasure
of curated resources have helped me
TREMENDOUSLY in growing towards
the strongest version of myself

robbin turpin,
tribe member

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