Greg D’Amico

Specialty: Mobile Apps, E-commerce and Integration Development

Greg D’Amico is the founder and CEO of Efficience, Inc., a software company that develops technology solutions for regional and national companies in retail, manufacturing, distribution, food service, high-tech, healthcare products, training, and higher education.

D’Amico is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a B.A. degree in Finance. While still working on his degree, he began his professional career by working in financial planning. He started his first mutual fund in 1995. In the next five years, the firm assets would grow to more than $1 billion, and become recognized as the number one growth fund over three- and five-year periods.

He continued to innovate in finance, starting the “iFund,” which used a collective intelligence approach to determine what it bought and sold. The iFund required a specialized web application to operate, so he began working with April Cox, who would become his partner in Efficience.

In 2004, D’Amico and Cox noted the growing demand for connectivity between companies and their customers. They started Efficience that year, setting up operations in the U.S. and India. Of its initial hire of six developers, four are still with the company 15 years later.

Today, Efficience works with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations including Coca-Cola. The firm has developed exceptional expertise in the Janitorial/Sanitation Services Industry, creating custom applications for web and mobile devices that allow companies to more effectively communicate with customers. Efficience now operates U.S. offices in Knoxville, TN and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

D’Amico has been a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization since 1999.
When he’s not working, D’Amico passionately enjoys travel and boating. He considers himself a lifelong student of business and always in search of solutions that makes life better for all.