Paul Ireton

Specialty: Network Marketing, Teambuilding, Sales

Paul is known for having built a team of 1000 licensed agents in the financial services industry and currently runs 11 offices.

To him, frustration is the fertilizer to success! At the age of 14, Paul, his 2 brothers, a sister, along with their mom, left the country of the Philippines, where he grew up, to move to sunny California. When their family arrived, it was starting from scratch again. His mom and dad had just gotten divorced and his mom sold their business and brought over $50,000 that lasted for about 6 months. His mom applied for a job everywhere and couldn’t land one. They ended up in welfare that year and lived in a 2 bedroom town home with a loft. They rented out the loft and the other bedroom just so they can make ends meet. His mom and the 4 kids shared 1 bedroom and the living room.

It was at that point he believes his drive kicks in. At 17, he started working at Papa Johns and selling cable. That quickly becomes old, so he picks up a Penny Saver add, sees a position in a mortgage office as a telemarketer and gets hired. At 18, he was involved in real estate with a team of people and gets a taste of success and winning. At 19 years old, he gets his real estate license and gets promoted to manager. That year, he took his family from section 8 housing to having their own home. His friends and family started to call him “Mr. Success”.

He spent 5 years in Real Estate and then came across a company called World Financial Group (WFG), where he started a twin career. Within 7 months, he went all in with WFG. When Paul got started in business, he ended up working with his high school crush. He asked her to marry him within 6 months and started having a family at 22 years of age. He started a new business, got married and started a family all in a 1 year span. By the time he was 29 years old, he and his wife, Miriam, had 4 children and were completely financially independent.

Now 35 years old, he spends his life raising his children and dating his wife as often as he wants. In business he mentors others to become financially independent and how to have a business that’s self-sustaining, self-financing , and self-motivating.

Paul enjoys time with his wife and children with the world as their playground, enjoys a good cigar.